Goshen Trading Company (GTC) LTD is a registered company with identification number P068812624062L and NSFI No 3701016348-3. GTC enables customers to exchange their crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, USDT and many other Altcoins listed on coinmarketcap.com.

GTC LTD also buy and sell other electronic money such as Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, Payeer etc for cash at a reasonable price or preferred local currency.

At GTC LTD we equally redeem gift cards such American Express Gift cards, Vanilla gift card, One vanilla gift card, Master gift cards,Visa gift cards etc at a discount rate.

In addition to the above mention services offer by Goshen Trading Company (GTC) LTD, we equally enable/facility money transfer services to – Nigerian, Morocco, South Africa, USA, and Japan.

With Goshen Trading Company LTD Clients transactions are processed within minutes. Clients can however sell their Crypto currencies as we as electronic money and get paid in Cash, MTN Mobile Money or Bank Transfer.


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